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Frugal Fourth of July Party Ideas

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | Saturday, July 03, 2010 | , , , | Comments

Summer is a time for celebrating and the Fourth of July is the keystone summer holiday. Fourth of July celebrations can get quite expensive, especially if you throw a big party every year. There are ways to keep your costs down without sacrificing the quality of the party. Here are some ideas to help create the perfect Fourth of July party without the big price tag.

Close neighborhoods are famous for a potluck get together. A potluck is where each person attending the party brings a food item to share with others. This way, no one person bears the brunt of the hefty food bill. In turn, it is an excellent way for neighbors and families to try different recipes.

If a potluck is not possible, one neighbor can be in charge of a Fourth of July fund. The fund will include donations from friends, neighbors and family members who are participating in the party. It helps to keep costs down and allows for a wider variety of food and decorations.

Fireworks are a staple of the Fourth of July holiday, but in many places, they are illegal to own and set off on the holiday. If you live in an area that allows fireworks, it can be fun to set them off. Always remember to follow safety precautions at all times.

If your own fireworks are not an option, visit a local park. Many state and county parks set off fireworks in an annual celebration. It usually does not cost much, if anything, to visit the park. To keep it cheap, eat at home before attending the park. Many people hold barbeques at their houses or within the neighborhood and visit the parks at dusk for the fireworks show. Fireworks can be expensive, especially if you plan to have a good show, so you can cut out that cost completely by watching the local shows.

There is nothing wrong with keeping things simple. If you only want to host a small party with family and close friends, do so. Feeding many people can be expensive, especially if beer and other alcohol is provided. In today’s economy, saving money, where possible, is important and most people will understand why you are not hosting a big party if that is the norm.

While the Fourth of July is a big holiday weekend, it can break the bank if you throw a big party every year. With the economic state being in a recession, it may not be possible to throw the big shindig that you typically do. Fear not, because there are several ways you can still celebrate and enjoy the holiday with your friends and family.

Organize a neighborhood potluck or a neighborhood fund for the party. Visit the local annual fireworks show instead of buying your own and above all, keep it simple if need be hosting only close friends and family. The holiday can be a big bang without the added stress of going broke by following the above tips.

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