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Get Personal at Christmas and Save Money

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With the Christmas holidays so close, you may be checking your budget to determine how much you can spend this year. Perhaps this may be the year that personalized gifts may be more appropriate in order for you to save some money.

Over the last several years, personalized Christmas gifts have become the norm rather than the exception. Certainly, this year you may be considering trimming down your list as well as coming up with creative presents you can give to your friends, co-workers, and family members.

If you love to bake, for example, putting together a Christmas baskets of cookies and cupcakes can make for a wonderful gift. Themed gift baskets are also very popular and can easily be made with very little money.

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Do you love to sew? Making mittens and hats is another way to express your creativity while providing the recipient with a warm and cozy gift package.

Another favorite that everyone appreciates as a gift is homemade jams and jellies. Add some green tea and biscuits and you have a lovely Christmas basket that cost a minimum amount of dollars to make.

Making homemade Christmas cards is another way you can save money. Alternatively, sending e-cards can reduce the amount you spend on stamps as well.

Don’t forget chocolate! This is often the best gift you can give to anyone. Chocolate cake, cupcakes, homemade brownies, and cookies will wow the recipients who receive this gift. Whether you utilize a large mug or present a small basket, you can certainly stretch your dollar by making these homemade treats.

Among other personalized gifts you can make at home are picture frames, scrapbooks, collages, throw blankets, and baskets filled with kitchen items you can purchase at a dollar store. The possibilities are endless.

Start visiting craft stores in your area to find new ideas of expressing your holiday sentiments. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.
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