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The Cost of Not Having Health Insurance

Presented By: EJ Cooksey | Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | , , | Comments

One of the biggest concerns in our society is health insurance.  On the one hand, it costs so much of our pay to have a health insurance policy in the first place.  On the other hand, millions of people are living day to day without the umbrella of health insurance to cover them and their families.

These people are just like you and me.  They are not necessarily poor or destitute.  People whose jobs are part time may not be offered health insurance as a part of their benefits. 

This means that they must look for an independent policy.  Depending on their age, medical history, and other demographics, their independent policy may be more than they can afford on their salary.  As a consequence, they and their family go uninsured.

With the high price of premiums, it may cost several hundred dollars a month for health insurance for the entire family.  This means less money in the paycheck for living expenses.  Families have to make a determination of what is more important at the time.

Many people use the emergency room at the hospital as a doctor’s office.  When they have a serious health problem, they go there.  A community hospital accepts patients without insurance with their promise to pay the bill.  These bills can be high and payment can drag on for some time.

To combat the costs of uninsured patients, hospitals raise their fees for service to offset the cost.  These increased charges are passed on to patients with insurance.  Depending on what their health insurance company is willing to pay, that could mean a substantial hospital bill after your stay, even with health insurance.

Without health insurance, people cannot get the help that they need when they are feeling poorly.  Conditions worsen until they must go to the hospital.  Now, the cost is more than it might have been if the person had had the means to visit the doctor.

Children make up a good percentage of the uninsured.  When their parents can’t afford health insurance, they go uncovered as well.  Over-the-counter medications substitute for regular check-ups at the doctor’s office.  Childhood vaccinations are important for the future health of a child.  Children that don’t receive them are at risk for various diseases that the vaccines would prevent.  

Another health concern is pregnancy.  Those who have no insurance and can’t afford prenatal care are more likely to develop problems during their pregnancy, either with the mother or with the child.  Pregnancy may seem like an event that takes care of itself, but all sorts of things can happen during those nine months.  Being under a doctor’s care brings peace of mind and immediate help if something is wrong.

What is the high cost of not having health insurance?  It is increased illness, higher premiums and hospital charges, not to mention deaths.  This is a serious issue for which a resolution couldn’t come a moment too soon.

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