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Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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We all want to celebrate and honor our moms on Mother’s Day, but you may be stumped for frugal Mother’s Day gift ideas this year. Giving Mother’s Day gifts doesn’t have to break your budget if you use one of these ideas.

Many restaurants offer discounts for mothers on Mother’s Day; some even allow moms to eat for free. You can check your local newspaper to see if there are any local restaurants offering this type of deal.

If you can’t find a restaurant that allows mom to eat for free or a reduced price, that doesn’t mean you can’t take mom out for the day. You may be able to find a museum or concert that has a Mother’s Day special. Check local colleges or universities, the newspaper, or online to find a venue offering a special for Mother’s Day.

You can also plan a picnic for you to share. It’ll give you time to enjoy each other’s company, can be healthier than restaurants, and will be much cheaper.

How long has it been since your family had a family portrait done? If it’s been a long time, you may want to find a relatively recent photo with everyone in it. Take the photo or negative to have it enlarged. You can also find a nice frame for the enlargement and it doesn’t have to drain your pocketbook.

Think about the things that your mom likes but rarely splurges on. Maybe she has a favorite magazine she used to read but hasn’t lately. She may enjoy good quality chocolate but feels it’s an indulgence she can’t afford. Splurge a little and buy that thing for her for her special day. You may find that she appreciates this gift more than any other you’ve given because it shows that you listened to her, recognized her self-denial, and then gave her what she wanted.

Cut flowers can be expensive and they die within a week or so of receiving them. You can find a nice flowering perennial that can be planted in her yard and enjoyed for years to come. Why not make a certificate offering to plant the perennial at a time that suits her?

Consider finding old family photos and putting them into a memory scrapbook for her. Yes, it’ll take some time to complete this task, but she’ll love having access to family photos she hasn’t seen in years.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be a holiday you worry about each year because of the cost. You can find many frugal Mother’s Day ideas here or by searching for them on the internet. And, really, it is the thought that counts much more than the amount of money you spent for the day.

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